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Whether you are looking to catch your first or 1000th musky, Boss Shads and Minnows have proven to be one of the most effective baits available. All hand crafted and still built one at a time you can order whatever color you would like from our online store.

Two years in the making, the 3.5 inch Crime Boss has already proven itself.  The perfect bait when big fish want a down sized bait. It's also an effective casting bait. Trolls to 8 feet.  Don't let the size fool you, built muskie tough.

The original that started it all! Still built and painted one at a time and responsible for hundreds of fish. The most popular size in our lineup.

Dive chart:  line out        Depth

                           10                     5

                           20                     8

                           30                     10                                                             40                     12

                           50                     15

                           60                     16.5

Here"s a bait that trolls super deep for it"s size The 7" is a perfect bait to short line while still wanting to be deep.

Dive Chart:     line out             Depth

                              30                       10

                              40                       14

                              60                       19

                              70                       23

The 10" double pull eye Boss had many big fish under its belt from the very start of it's testing. Now it has been toughened up with wire thru construction and an epoxy finish! And since we know the big girls hide on the rocky shoals up North, they will be available with either hardened aluminum or polycarbonate lips. Just like the first generation, it has a wandering slow roll on the shallow setting that drives fish crazy.    

Depth Chart:      line out            Depth

Shallow eye          50                   10

                               66                   14

                               75                   16

Deep eye              25                   10

                              40                    14

Talk about a hard puller the 12" minnow has some wicked pumping action.  It also has been upgraded with thru wire construction and a super tough epoxy finish! This is a big fish bait, now even more ready to handle the giants.

Depth Chart:  line out         depth

                                20                  8

                                30                  10

                                50                  12.5

                                70                  20

Results speak for themselves and the 10" minnow has Muskies talking with their mouth full.  Just like it's cousins, it now features Boss tough wire thru construction and will have either a polycarbonate or hardenend aluminum lip. Finished in epoxy, it's ready to bite back when attacked.

Because of recent changes with some of our suppliers, the Double Pull Eye, 12" Minnow and 10" Minnow are now only available in limited quantities.  They will be available offered for sale on our Limited Offerings Page .  Be sure to like Boss Shad on Facebook so you can be notified as soon as baits are listed!

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